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Erfahrungen.com is an opinion portal that aims to help consumers find their way through the vast online jungle of services and products. To meet this goal, we provide customer reviews along with informative videos and independent test reports. Most important of all, all of the information provided on Erfahrungen.com is provided completely free of charge and without any usage restrictions – you can come back to us time and again for fresh information, as and when you need.

Erfahrungen.com was launched in September 2012, originally focusing on the German market – hence the site name, which roughly translates to “Experiences”. Since launch, more than 53,000 members have reported on products and services, resulting in over 690 million reviews, all of which help to make it easier for other consumers to choose services and products.

Now launching in the UK, Erfahrungen.com will initially focus on two particular areas: bookmakers and casino reviews. However, we thought it important to outline the processes the site has established over its many years of operation in international markets. As a result, below, we have outlined everything you need to know about the origin of Erfahrungen.com, what makes the site different from its competitors, and even insights into the products and categories that may one day make their way to the UK site.

Erfahrungen.com – objective, informative, and completely independent

Those seeking consumer testimonials undoubtedly have a significant number of options online, but very few websites manage to combine both objective expert opinions with subjective customer experiences. In contrast, Erfahrungen.com achieves this goal with ease, blending both expert and user analysis to create a fully-rounded picture.

Since its launch, Erfahrungen.com has demonstrated its ability to review a wide variety of products and services across a variety of different categories, including – but not limited to – topics such as weight loss, electronics, finance, health, and much more besides. While currently only focusing on bookmaker and casino reviews in the UK, eight plus years of experience across these niches has resulted in a fine-tuned method of operating that should be hugely advantageous to UK users.

Relevance is also key to the Erfahrungen.com mission. New products and services, guides, test reports, and awards are all added to the site on a daily basis, and users can follow the steady growth of the site through analytical statistics. Users are always welcome to check the home page for more information on these statistics.

customer reviews

Complete information at a glance

Our goal is to ensure the users of Erfahrungen.com are able to obtain all the information required to make a purchase decision with ease. That’s why we focus on all of the most important aspects, such as:

  • Website usability
  • Product availability and usability
  • Customer service
  • Payment options
  • Shipping
  • Any special features the provider or product may offer

The above is just the tip of the iceberg, too. We want to ensure everything is available to users who are contemplating a purchase is right at their fingertips, so we go to great lengths to cover every possible topic.

What’s more, the team at Erfahrungen.com regularly test products extensively. We summarise our objective impressions in high-quality test reports, which can subsequently be used by readers who are contemplating a purchasing decision. In addition, readers will find an advisory article for each product, which details everything you could possibly need to know as well as answering commonly asked questions.

Alongside our expert analysis, readers can also utilise our broad range of experience reports from real buyers of each product or users of each service. The most recent report is always featured first on the respective product page, so the most up-to-date information is always readily at hand.

If a product featured on Erfahrungen.com has received awards from industry bodies or specialist recognition, we also ensure that this information is included – often via the use of quality shields and logos.

Finally, our comprehensive profile of a product or service is completed by an informative video that all users should find very beneficial. This same rigour will also be found across the bookmaker and casino reviews Erfahrungen.com will feature for the UK market.

This is how Erfahrungen.com experts conduct tests – the most important criteria

In order to be able to adequately test and compare products and services, the team at Erfahrungen.com has defined its own criteria. As a result, all aspects that are particularly important to those contemplating a purchase can be highlighted and receive due consideration.

As part of the tests, the following aspects are taken into account:

  • Security and payment
  • Price performance
  • Conditions of contract
  • Customer service
  • Ease of use
  • Environmental and health considerations

Erfahrungen.com also seeks to provide all of the most critical information in a simple, easy-to-digest manner. General terms and contract conditions – such as right of withdrawal – is often hidden in the small print of websites, or is difficult to comprehend. The team at Erfahrungen.com go through all T&Cs with a fine tooth comb and then present the resulting information in a clear, concise manner.

Thanks to all of the above, a reader can access a complete overview – from payment options, to shipping costs, to customer service, to the legal necessities and much more besides.

Our categories

Erfahrungen.com has a wide range of content, which is sorted into categories for ease of reading. By clicking on one of the main categories, the reader will arrive at an overview page. This page will be complete with useful information, as well as the best-rated providers for that particular category. In addition, each category is further divided into sub-categories, again so that readers can quickly access the information they are seeking.

So, for example, let’s say a user visits Erfahrungen.com with the goal of finding out more about purchasing a new tablet. This would mean they should navigate to the main category of “Electronics”, and then select the sub-category “Tablet Reviews”. This pathway will bring them right to the reviews most suitable for their requirements.

Searching for topics is also very straightforward. Ranging from adventure gifts to amusement parks, to distance learning and languages, to comparing banks or gas providers – the topics on Erfahrungen.com are hugely diverse and cover all areas of everyday life.

For the UK site, these categories could be used to narrow down gambling operators. If a user is, for example, simply seeking a casino, they can visit dedicated casino reviews rather than sportsbooks or poker sites.

betting site uk

Most Read Testimonials

While the UK site will be focusing solely on betting and casino for the moment, over 42,000 testimonials have already been written for Erfahrungen.com. The most widely read reports come from a variety of different areas, including the following:


Dating has always been a popular topic, so it is hardly surprising that many readers are interested in field reports from this area.

Banks and Loans

Whether looking for a bank account, a credit card, or to explore investment opportunities, the search for a financial services provider is never easy. Thankfully, the Erfahrungen.com online comparison and the experiences of our users can help to light the way for readers.

Electricity provider switching

Switching to a new energy provider can save households hundreds of pounds per year. An electricity provider comparison helps to match households to the most suitable tariffs for their needs.

Online shopping

Shopping online is very much the norm these days, with products such as clothes and shoes particularly popular. Erfahrungen.com provides insight into how mail-order companies and ecommerce stores perform, while customers share their own personal experience of each individual brand.

How Are Testimonials Set Up On Erfahrungen.com?

In order to conduct its worth reviewing and evaluating a range of products and services, Erfahrungen.com draws on a number of sources in order to provide the largest scope of reviews.

Established sources

In order to provide consumers with the best possible support, the Erfahrungen.com editorial team thoroughly researches opinions and test reports from all available online sources. Each source is carefully selected and evaluated for accuracy, which in turn results in ensuring the Erfahrungen.com experience reports offer the highest possible informative value.

Customer reviews

Erfahrungen.com utilises a range of objective test reports completed by staff and more subjective opinions from those who have bought and used a product or service. Users have an opportunity to rate products or services purchased via the opinion portal, and these reviews help to provide “real world” testimonials to inform prospective buyers of what they should expect if they choose to buy.

Test reports

In addition to members’ experience reports, the Erfahrungen.com editorial team conducts its own tests and summarises the data gathered in objective, comprehensive test reports. These reports are then published under the respective product or provider profile. In order to ensure that the tests offer a direct comparison between each individual product or service, every test is carried out according to established methodologies and criteria.

The overall rating

The products and service providers – or in the UK, the bookmakers and casino sites – tested on Erfahrungen.com receive an overall rating that functions as an at-a-glance way of judging their provision to users. This rating is based on a simple scale of 100 percent equalling “very good”, and 0 percent representing “unsatisfactory”. The overall rating comprises average ratings from external sources, customer ratings, and expert tests conducted by the Erfahrungen.com team.

Editorial Team

Good content is important to us at Erfahrungen.com, so we go above and beyond to ensure the best possible quality for our readers.

At present, our UK website is focusing on bookmaker and casino reviews; topics that require particular knowledge and insight in order to write about correctly. This fact is especially true if seeking to offer genuine value to the reader; something that we take very seriously indeed.

As a result, we have assembled a team of bookmaker and casino experts to staff Erfahrungen.com, all of whom have genuine expertise across these complex topics. Working in close conjunction with the German editorial team, our UK team have perfected the art of writing for Erfahrungen.com, crafting articles of the kind that only mastery of a subject is able to elicit.

To find out more about our excellent team and their specific areas of experience and knowledge, please browse the individual profiles below.

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